Heavy Duty Climbing Carabiners
  • Twist-it-smart Screw Lock
  • High quality alloy steel keeps going strong
  • UIAA & CE Rated - Industrial strength, superior stability
XTEK Climbing Carabiner – Safety, Security, Strength, Stability
As outdoor enthusiasts we realize you want a smooth, fun, fulfilling adventure, free from surprises.
Smart climbers realize that begins and ends with one thing - your safety equipment.
 Industrial strength, superior stability
With balanced anti skip curves, steel construction and smart lock mechanism enough to control 5620 lbs (25 kn) of heavy equipment mid-air, XTEK's Carabiner are considered the Best for every climbing, repelling, anchoring, rigging and belaying adventures.
 High quality alloy steel keeps going strong
Bang It, Drop It, Smash It - We designed a fast lock carabiner that truly withstands a beating, allowing you to keep your eyes on that next hand hold, rigging knot or aerial move, not on your gear.
Balance & Symmetry Endlessly Useful
Uniform curves limit load shifting and retain a higher gear holding capacity than traditional carabiners, making it the best carabiner for trickier brake rapels and heavier loads not to mention a handy companion for camping, hanging your hammock and performing the toughest TRX exercise moves.
Trusted and Highly Rated Company
From the unrivaled safety testing to the reinforced high quality steel to the extreme 5260 LB force rate, like all XTEK gear, this was built this to last.

UIAA Certified

Certificate Number: USA 20-5726
Brand Name: XTEK climbing
UIAA Standard: 121 Connectors

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